According to the CBS sports report, the United States sports brand hypoallergenic (hereinafter referred to as the UA) today officially announced that they had with the golden state warriors MVP Stephen curry to complete the contract, the new contract will be extended to 2024.

Although the contract amount has not been released, but according to ESPN reporter darren Lowell, new equity will include in the contract.

"Stephen is an epoch-making players, but on the basketball court with unprecedented influence." UA, cheap reversible basketball jerseys head of global market Adam - pique said, "his work cheap nba jerseys free shipping attitude, strong self-confidence, and commitment to community, these qualities make Stephen became our perfect partner, and can help UA and continue to grow worldwide in the field of basketball. We are very proud to call Stephen family, we are very excited to be able to write the next chapter of our story."

At the same time, the Treasury where can i buy nba jerseys also released a statement.

"From day cool basketball jerseys one, UA feel like family." Treasury said in a statement, "the first two years of our cooperation, we on the pitch and scored many achievements both on and off the pitch, I'm looking forward to the rest of the I career and the new nba store future continue to be a part of the brand. We share passion, and to better the athletes and for each local athletes will inject confidence. The whole team completed an incredible work, not only to produce innovative products that do well on the pitch, and set up a platform that allows me to interact and the athletes of the world. The best thing is yet to come."

Treasury has just experienced a fantastic season, and he is definitely a UA's most famous basketball star. The brand's NBA players include: Ken - walker, brandon Jennings and rookie moody's Mr.

In 2013 and officially joined in the Treasury UA, and in January this year big and tall nba jerseys launched his signature sneaker.

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